Insight Management Group - Getting More Billing for the Telecommunications Industry

Insight Management Group, Inc. is a full scope professional services consulting organization providing financial and technical support to the telecommunications industry. Their primary mission is to identify and sustain revenue and cost management improvement opportunities within the existing business processes of their client companies.

Their clients include:

  • traditional local exchange carriers (LECs)
  • wireless carriers,
  • long distance carriers
  • competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs)
  • VOIP carriers
  • broadband cable companies with telecommunication services

and many other players in the constantly changing global communications field.

In addition, IMG assists many partner organizations who also provide products and services to the industry, by providing both short and long term Professional Services consulting to supplement staff losses, as well as, providing financial and / or technical guidance when they may have similar needs as the communications companies themselves.

With over 150 years of collective technical, managerial, and executive experience covering the entire spectrum of the telecom process from “dial tone” to billing/ financial processes directly impacting Net Income, the Insight Management Group leadership team understands the complexity of Intercarrier Compensation and is also sensitive to the resource constraints for most of those companies participating in these markets. It is with this knowledge and understanding that Insight Management Group is able to efficiently and effectively create customized, fact-based revenue recovery and cost avoidance solutions that identify ordering, provisioning, billing and jurisdictional, collection and regulatory inconsistencies and position their clients for a rapid recovery of lost revenue, therefore delivering an outstanding return on their investment (ROI).


More Value

For our Telecommunications clients, IMG provides consulting, training, support services and of greatest importance, solutions with

  • VALUE!
to their billing problems.